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You shop, and merchants give back! Buy gift cards from more than 750 top brands to use for your daily purchases--buy groceries, dine out, or book travel--while making a difference for Legacy High School Football.  



It’s free to create an account on the RaiseRight app or at 

Use the Legacy High School Football Boosters' enrollment code to set up your own personal account that will benefit your player's individual fundraising goals for sports fees and travel costs.


 Legacy High School Football Enrollment Code:   FDDLA1DA63282


        With scrip, you’re paying face value and getting face value. 

Shop, dine out or even take a cruise to earn easily and automatically when you shop with merchants that give back.

View all the potential retailers offered and the % rebate offered by clicking on the link in the "Featured Retailers" section below.  

Register store cards, credit/debit cards, or buy digital gift cards to start earning.



 Automatically earn for Legacy HS Football when you buy things your normally buy every day.  

Monthly, Boosters will generate a report and apply earned funds to your player’s fundraising account.

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